About Me

The Early Years

(1982 to 1992)

On November 28, 1982 I’m born in Long Beach, California. My lungs collapse at birth. I’m fine but end up with severe asthma through my late teens.

Dad is a tough, hardworking mechanic and mom free-spirited, flower child nurse. Around 7 years old, mom gets hooked and meth and parents divorce. Mom eventually cleans up and becomes an amazing drug and alcohol counselor—I owe her immensely for making me who I am today.

Around age 10, Dusty and I grab my dad’s 800 pound camcorder and start Kidz Newz. It was epic. And no, you’ll never see any of it.

The Commercial Rockstars

(1993 to 1996)

We hit our teens and start a band called The Commercial Rockstars. We can’t afford a drum set so we build one out of garbage (literally). We manage to do a few gigs in Hollywood, most notably opening for The Vibrators at the Whisky a Go Go.

The Guitar Outlaws

(1996 to 2005)

The trashcan drums get too expensive so we buy real drums and start The Guitar Outlaws. We record an album in the same studio Tom Waits used, but never finish it. In 2004 we move to Portland, Oregon and record another full length album in our basement. In 2005 we tour the west coast and then break up.

One-Man Band

(2005 to 2010)

After living on my mom’s couch for a few months, working construction, I finally got off my ass and moved back up to Portland to do something with myself. I try to get another band started but eventually decide to go it alone. I spend four years recording my first (and only) solo album in the living room of my apartment, releasing it in November 2009. I tour a little, but creditors cramp my style. By late 2011, my twenty-year music career sputters out.

Growing Up

(2010 to 2016)

Broke and stuck paying off debt, I run for Oregon State Representative of District 46 and get 3,827 votes (17 percent). The race oddly gets me hired by PacifiCorp (an electric utility) with no relevant experience or college degree. In the five years at PacifiCorp I hold seven distinctly different jobs and finally join Utilicast as a consultant in 2016. (LinkedIn bio).

In 2012 I meet and marry Olga Turner. In 2015 we have our first daughter.

Personal Brand Failures

(2013 to 2017)

In the years follow my break up with music, I make several attempts to get a personal brand off the ground. My failures to launch are grouped into three phases:

  1. 2013 to 2015: Failing to be an expert in anything
    (94 blog posts between August 2013 and June 2015)
    I attempt to blog once per week, writing about topics from productivity, finance, health and fitness. I hope to find a niche, but nothing sticks. When I become a dad, it just isn’t important anymore so I hit pause.
  2. 2016: Who am I kidding?
    (3 blog posts between March and July,2016)
    Derek Sivers inspires me to trash my Word Press blog, dust off my coding skills, and build my own site from scratch. I enthusiastically write three blog posts while doing this. But who am I kidding. Programming is fun, but too time consuming amidst the rest of life. Pause.
  3. 2017: Practicing usefulness
    (158 daily-ish posts between February and July, 2017)
    Seth Godin’s work inspires me to try blogging daily. I consider this project a success. It’s a very useful exercise, but in the end I’m pulling teeth to find something new to say so I abruptly end it.

Recovering Wantrepreneur

(2017 to present)

I’m sick of talking about entrepreneurship and actually want to do something. In December 2017 I dust off my web presence and set up the foundation for a new platform. Stay tuned.