Two steps to cure anxiety

Fear isn’t a bad thing. It’s good to be afraid if you’re standing over a steep ledge. Fear shoots you with a dose of adrenaline, heightens your awareness, and hopefully keeps you from stumbling to your death.

Fear is natural. It’s is evolutionary. It’s is responsible for the human species surviving this long.

Fear can keep you alive, but it can also keep you from thriving if it isn’t kept in check.

I wrote about how to overcome irrational fear—when you’re afraid of something that you know you shouldn’t be afraid of. But the other one to watch out for is unidentified fear.

I’ve battled anxiety over the last few months because I’ve had more to do than time to do it. My state has been constant worry that I’m missing something. With all the unprocessed emails and scattered notes I’m certain that any moment someone will bang down my door screaming, “Why haven’t you done this yet!”

I’ve been in a constant state of fear, but not sure what I’m scared of.

This may seem trivial, but there’s only two ways out of this:

  1. Identify the cause… shine the light to see if there’s really a boogie monster under the bed, or
  2. Determine the worst case scenario and decide it isn’t that bad

I set aside 30 minutes today to scan my inbox and notes and put every request on my to-do list. Then, I decided that the worst thing that can happen is someone has to remind me that they’re waiting on something and I’ll deal with it then.

30 minutes of work and a little resolve, and months of anxiety cured.

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