Dare to dream

Have you ever felt like life isn’t in your control and you’re just getting by? It’s like being on the back of a two-seater bike, pedaling away, but the guy in front is driving. Maybe you’re there right now.

I can’t tell you there a secret to making it easier to pedal. If there’s one, I haven’t found it yet. But I can promise you there’s a way to get in control and feel excited about the work. The key is daring to dream.

Once you have a dream clear in your mind, you can rest assured that you’re on your way. Or, you might discover you’re heading the wrong way and decide to leap off the treadmill and find a new way. And once you see where you’re going, shortcuts will start appearing. Really, they were there all along, you were just too busy moaning and groaning to notice them.

So start dreaming, then you can whistle while you work.

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