Free Coffee and Inspiration

We love going to Ikea. Not because we’re totally crazy about cheap, Swedish furniture made in China. We go for the free coffee and inspiration.

The Ikea family card is one of those no-brainer additions to your basket of club cards. It’s free, you get some discounts on already cheap stuff. And best of all, have I mentioned the free coffee. Once you’re a member (you can sign up online, or at a kiosk in the store), you and whoever you’re with gets a free coffee from the “restaurant” every time you visit.

We do actually love Ikea. Some day we’ll probably step up to better quality, but with our focus on building wealth, we’re happy to take their simple, cheap solutions to our home-good needs. However, Olga and I benefit from that big blue and yellow warehouse without spending a dime. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Get Free Coffee. In case I didn’t mention, with your member card you and whoever you’re with get free coffee every time you visit. We slip our way to the buffet, grab a couple coffee cups, checkout with the card, and fill up with some hot, delicious, free coffee (they even have organic creamer for Olga).
  2. Pick a Living Room and Relax. We could have paid for coffee and kicked back in a coffee shop somewhere, but why not hang out a designer living room? With our FREE coffee in hand, we head back into the shoppers cattle-line and sneak off to a nice living-room setting to kick back and enjoy.
  3. Wander and Dream. You don’t need to buy stuff to feel satisfied. In fact, it’s the passion for the future that’s going to make you wealthy. We love wandering the showrooms and dreaming about our future. What is that beautiful house we’re going to have on the beach going to look like? What will that kitchen we’ll feed our future kids in feel like? Yep, it’s cheesy. But in all seriousness, we all need to dream more.

On the road to wealth, we have to be creative, we have to want, and we have to be patient. We have to find ways to enjoy the day-to-day without always blowing money. We have to want something more, something bigger, something greater; we have to want it so bad that we stay inspired to do what it takes to get there. And most of all, we have to take deep breaths and remember that great things are worth waiting for.

So while you wait, have some coffee on me: here.

What is your favorite free entertainment?