Keep a list of open projects

To be productive and stay sane it’s important to get your to-do list out of your head. But once the list gets long the system falls apart. If my list gets longer than 15-20 items I get stuck trying to prioritize when I should be working.

One solution is to group tasks by logical projects. This simplifies your workflow and keeps you in control of the big picture.

I use ToDoist for managing my list because the project organization is so simple. See the screenshot below mocked up with some fake projects:

  • Organize projects and sub-projects in the tree on the left (easy drag and drop to move and nest within other projects)
  • Add tasks to the inbox or straight into Projects (also easy to drag and drop)
  • The comments feature isn’t show here (the dialog box icon), but I use this to attach files and make notes to myself
  • There’s also powerful sharing features if you work with a team (I just use it solo)

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