Keeping Track of Tasks and To Do Lists

For several months now I’ve been using the free task manager, Nozbe and I finally decided to switch to it full time. I’m constantly looking for ways to save time and energy, and this tool is helping me with one of my biggest challenges: keeping track of all the things I need to do.

If I don’t have all the things I need to do written down somewhere, I have this constant worry that I’m forgetting something. Before I started writing to-do lists, I often couldn’t fall asleep because my head was spinning through all my projects. Several years ago, I started the practice of writing down everything I need to do at the end of the day so I could sleep without worry. Now, I just add every task to Nozbe as it comes to mind, saving an extra step later.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying different methods. At various times I’ve had lists in notebooks, in a Word document, on spreadsheets, on a bunch of sticky notes… you name it, I’ve tried it.

Here are seven reasons why I’ve switched to using Nozbe for task management:

  1. Available Anywhere. I need to be able to access my tasks anywhere. Whether I’m at home, work, or out of town, I want to have my tasks readily available. Nozbe keeps tasks online so they can be accessed securely from anywhere.
  2. Mobile Access. I use my phone more and more for everything I do. Nozbe has a simple, great looking, easy-to-use mobile app and it syncs beautifully to the online account. (Open your account, then download the app and log in to it.)
  3. Multiple Projects. I love being able to organize my tasks by project. For instance, I have tasks for this blog in a project, and tasks for my day job in another. The free account is limited to five projects, but that’s working for me for now.
  4. Schedule Tasks. You can add due dates and times to tasks so they aren’t forgotten. You can also schedule reoccurring items if you have regular things you need to do.
  5. Google Calendar Integration. Along with other integrations (like e-mail and Twitter), Nozbe can sync to your Google Calendar. When you sync, a “Nozbe” calendar is added to your calendar list. Tasks with due dates will appear as events on your calendar.
  6. Next Actions. The feature that makes Nozbe a must-have for me is the next action feature. You add tasks to your main inbox, or various projects. Each task has a star to the right that let’s you tag it as a next action. These items then populate your “Next actions” list. Every morning I review my project lists and select the things I need to get done today. In addition, items with due dates are automatically added as next actions on the day they are due. And you can de-select the star in the next actions list to remove it (but it stays in the project or inbox list).
  7. Drag and drop organization. You can drag and drop to re-order tasks. You can even swipe (with your finger on a smart phone, or with your mouse) to check items off the list.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you: Click here to start a free account.

What’s your biggest challenge in managing tasks?