Feel my spurs

I was pissed that someone didn’t deliver. Every week I’d asked if they were on track and the answer was always yes. I bit my figurative tongue and politely asked if they would let me know if it wouldn’t be ready by noon tomorrow so I could let people know other things would slip. If […]

Everyday urgency

I used to exercise twice per week. When the day came, it was easy to skip because there were still five days in the week to make it up. Of course, that led to skipping so often that I wasn’t exercising at all. 36 days ago, I started exercising and stretching daily. I’m shocked to […]


For the third time, I told Olivia to come out of her tent. It was time to put on pajamas and get to bed. The final ask was stern. I made sure she understood I wanted her to do something and it was unacceptable to disobey me. Then I felt a knot in my stomach. […]

A gentle tug back to earth

I put Olivia to sleep every night. We read stories with mom after a bath, then mom turns out the light and we sing a few songs before it’s time to sleep. It’s our routine. Tonight, I found myself rushing it. I have a few things left to do tonight before I can wind down and […]

Lent… in July?

No, it’s not Lent. But we’re giving something up this month anyway. There’s at least three reasons you should give something up every month: Break a bad habit Practice discipline Jumpstart a new routine What are you giving up this July?

The most valuable skill

Smart investors look for deals where there’s lots of upside and little downside. It’s called asymmetrical risk reward. Here’s a deal for you. It’s just sitting and waiting for you to pick it up. People are terrified to take responsibility. They’re quick to pass the buck. They’d rather not risk failure. We know that failure […]

The second most valuable skill

We live in a busy world. Everyone has too much to do. You can’t succeed without the ability to decide what’s most important. But this isn’t just for your own to-do list. It’s even more important when you’re asking things of others. If you dump a messy pile of work on someone’s plate, it’s likely […]

Good at quitting

I’ve started a lot of projects this year and quit most of them. It’s had me feeling a little down lately and I finally understand why. I’ve been worrying that I lack discipline. I keep quitting because I’m not strong enough to see it through. But deep down I know it’s bullshit. I know you […]

Hard work is easy to postpone

I’m trying to get some hard work done, but first I need to close some lose ends. There’s an email that I need to respond to. There’s a bunch of files on my desktop that need to get put in the right place. There’s some tasks in my head that I need to get on […]

Get some rest

When you’re in the thick of it restlessness sneaks up on you. Suddenly, everything irritates you and negativity takes over. When things aren’t going well, getting some good rest is the first remedy to try.