Don’t Be a Victim

It all started with, “How’s your day going?”

My Uber driver wasn’t having a good night. It only took two minutes to get a car (it’s usually closer to 10) so I wasn’t surprised when she said it was slow.

Her story went something like this:

“I only had one ride so far and it took me downtown. I’ve been stuck here for an hour waiting…

I have to drive Uber because I can’t find a job…

I quit my last job a year ago because my boss is a selfish prick—he’d been on his third tropical vacation in a year and was still paying me minimum wage…

The place had terrible management—he didn’t like women so he wouldn’t promote me…”

Look. Shit happens. Life isn’t fair. And the monopoly man ain’t standing at the corner to hand you $200 because you made it around the block.

Stop focusing on things you can’t control and put all that energy into things you can.

Once you stop being the victim and take control of your life you’ll be surprised to find yourself with much better luck. You’ll probably be happier. And you’ll definitely make for a more enjoyable ride home.

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