Why… or Why Not?

People ask me all the time why I made the leap to consulting.

Why leave a good paying job? Why leave a solid career path? Why leave the security of a salary?

I took an opportunity to do something very new (to me), so I couldn’t possibly answer all the why’s. Would it be better pay? It had the potential to be, but no guarantee. Would I be able to get consistent enough work to keep my bills paid? No idea. There certainly wasn’t a corporate ladder to climb and a golden parachute waiting for me at the end.

The truth is, sticking with the old job was the most logical thing to do if my deepest concerns were the Why’s.

But they weren’t. I’m far more concerned about Why Not.

If you’re jumping into something completely new, you won’t be able to answer all the Why’s. But if you can’t find enough Why Not’s, then… Why Not?

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