Conflicting Priorities? Reframe Them And Eat Your Cake Too

Justify priorities

Have you ever had something important to do, something you penciled on your priorities list, but at the same time you felt too guilty to work on it? Maybe you really need to start exercising, but it means you’d have to pull away from critical projects, or from spending valuable time with your spouse or […]

Put Family First Today

There’s lots to do. Money to make, bills to pay, dreams to make happen. It’s busy, I get it. But don’t let the most important things slip away. Your lover is growing apart. Your kids aren’t going to be in the nest for long. Your parents won’t be here forever (if you’re lucky enough to […]

Why My Content Sucks

Start first For the last few months, I’ve been focused on getting started. My sole objective has been: Start making new content regularly. This has meant a creating a new daily podcast/vlog and short edits for social media, 5-7 days per week (sometimes batching and skipping a day creating). Put out content daily and practice […]

How To Find Your Passion

I’m thinking about success and know it means nothing if it doesn’t come with happiness. Seems obvious, right? You want to do work you love. You want to live with passion. But what if you’ve lost it? What if you’ve compromised too long? What if you’ve been surviving so long that you forgot what thriving […]

My Brand Is Making Me Better

I’m loving the new pursuit of building a personal brand. Making content every day to practice, and to will my story into this noisy world. Finding my voice, getting clarity on what I really stand for, and chipping away at all the bad habits, like talking too fast into the mic, fumbling with my hands […]

Realistic and Impractical

Picture of me looking like an idiot taking selifes on the bus

You’re stuck. Not sure what to do. And you’ve heard that question in your head before: what’s my passion? What would I do if money didn’t matter? Isn’t that where we all want to be? Doing something we love. Something that ejects us from the bed every morning. Something that we can’t wait to get […]

Tired, But Not Beaten

On May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person to summit Mt. Everest. I’ve done a little mountaineering, but nothing that comes close to that. Still, I can remember how tired you get. After 6, 7, 8 hours of trucking a big bag up and up, the air getting thinner and thinner, the […]

No more cash drag

I’ve been updating our asset allocation and just got every dollar invested (this doesn’t include cash set aside in our emergency fund). It’s counter-intuitive and completely against my old way of thinking. You need cash so you’re ready to buy when things go on sale, right? It turns out that cash drag is one of […]

Bet on your gut, but be safe

96% of actively managed mutual funds don’t beat the market. If they can’t do it, with all their seasoned analysts, I’m not going to either. The clear path is investing in low cost index funds—which is why Warren Buffet will leave his wife in index funds. I’ve been working to update my asset allocation with […]

Work Late

Ideally, you have good systems in place and stay on top of your commitments. And when it’s time to turn off work and turn on the rest of life, you flip the switch. But sometimes there’s just too many open loops. If you leave now, you’ll be thinking about them all night. You won’t be […]