How much money do you need?

I’m revisiting the book, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, which I first listened to in 2015. One of the most powerful steps in this book is to calculate the five levels of financial freedom: Financial Security: the cost of your basic needs (mortgage/rent, food, utilities, transportation, insurance) Financial Vitality: add […]

What’s the DEAL?

If you want a better life, there’s one principle that you can’t ignore: focus on what’s important. Tim Ferriss outlined a very simple approach to clearing the clutter from your life. Just remember the acronym: DEAL. Delegate. Can someone else do it? Then pass it on. Eliminate. Does it really need to be done? Then say […]

The band haphazardly beats along

It’s not coming together. They stop, take a breath, and take it from the top. Sometimes you need to just push on through to the finish line. But when there’s time to do it right, take a pause and then take it from the top.

I’ve been a little irritable lately

But today I finished a lingering piece of work and shipped it (sent it to my boss a few days late). Like magic, the irritation was gone. It’s best not to get to this point. To keep some margin so you have room to stay ahead of things without burning out. But when you get […]

I made another quiche today

It’s been more than two years since the last one. Making quiche reminds me of the effort it takes to go from mediocre to excellent. Thomas Keller is one of the worlds greatest chefs, and in his cookbook, Bouchon, even he can’t give you the exact recipe. Talking about making the dough for the crust, he […]

Our cat passed away yesterday

She looked sickly two days ago, so it wasn’t a big surprise, except for how quickly it happened. Yesterday morning, I went out of my way to sit with her for a few minutes before work. I thought about the weekend coming, and making sure she sat with me during movie night—which she used to […]

Slow down and do more

You can either be quick, or go deep—but not both. You can shoot off that snappy email, or spend some time to clarify your thoughts and see your request from the other person’s view. You can speed through that 20 hour audio book in 20 hours, or you can stop after each chapter to figure […]

Feel my spurs

I was pissed that someone didn’t deliver. Every week I’d asked if they were on track and the answer was always yes. I bit my figurative tongue and politely asked if they would let me know if it wouldn’t be ready by noon tomorrow so I could let people know other things would slip. If […]

Everyday urgency

I used to exercise twice per week. When the day came, it was easy to skip because there were still five days in the week to make it up. Of course, that led to skipping so often that I wasn’t exercising at all. 36 days ago, I started exercising and stretching daily. I’m shocked to […]


For the third time, I told Olivia to come out of her tent. It was time to put on pajamas and get to bed. The final ask was stern. I made sure she understood I wanted her to do something and it was unacceptable to disobey me. Then I felt a knot in my stomach. […]