I made another quiche today

It’s been more than two years since the last one.

Making quiche reminds me of the effort it takes to go from mediocre to excellent. Thomas Keller is one of the worlds greatest chefs, and in his cookbook, Bouchon, even he can’t give you the exact recipe.

Talking about making the dough for the crust, he says:

Good pâte brisée… is harder to make well because it requires some touch, some finesse.

And how long it should cook:

… the quiche must be cooked for the right amount of time, something learned through experience… Really, the only way to learn is to pay attention each time you make a quiche

The key here is that experience trumps education every time. It’s good to have the recipe from a top chef, but the only way I’m going to perfect this is to do it more often than once every two years.

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