Realistic and Impractical

Picture of me looking like an idiot taking selifes on the bus

You’re stuck. Not sure what to do. And you’ve heard that question in your head before: what’s my passion? What would I do if money didn’t matter?

Isn’t that where we all want to be? Doing something we love. Something that ejects us from the bed every morning. Something that we can’t wait to get back to. Something we feel Hell Ya about.

But we get in our own way. We can’t help but be too unrealistic, like, “Yeah, I’d love to sit on a warm beach with a margarita every day.” Or worse, we can’t help but be too practical, like, “How what can I actually make a living doing?”

Let’s be realistic. If you want to be lucky enough to get to spend your time doing something you love, then whatever you love doing better serve others. It better give someone something. It better make their universe a little better. It better add value… A fuckin’ LOT of value. Sucking from a straw is a vacation, not a vocation.

Now. Let’s be impractical. Forget about money. It’s a carrot and you aren’t a goddamn donkey. Add value. Make a difference. Do something right now with whatever you’ve got. It doesn’t have to make a penny. Quit sitting on the gold you’ve got. Whatever talent, skill, ability, craving, desire. Let it out and water some plants out there.

It all comes around. Trust me.

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