Tired, But Not Beaten

On May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person to summit Mt. Everest. I’ve done a little mountaineering, but nothing that comes close to that. Still, I can remember how tired you get. After 6, 7, 8 hours of trucking a big bag up and up, the air getting thinner and thinner, the only way to keep moving is to forget how far you still have to go and to just think about that next step.

You see, you can be tired but not beaten. You can be tired, and still will clarity, focus, determination, and push through.

Tired is physiological, it’s your body physically low on energy and in need of rest and rejuvenating. But beaten is psychological. It’s when you’ve decided you’re losing, or you’ve lost.

Today I started to feel beaten. I ran out of time to get what I wanted done, my projects took way longer to move forward and put me behind, and I was stumbling, struggling to keep focused on the most important work.

So on the bus ride home I through on my headphones, put on my favorite playlist, and remembered how goddamn good life is. That’s it. I remembered how lucky I am, for my family, that I have a job that’s a lifeline while I’m build something bigger, that I get to be here with you every day.

Yep, I’m burning the candle. I’m tired. But beaten? Nope, I decided that’s got to go.

UPDATE: I read this post in the show:

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