Why My Content Sucks

Start first

For the last few months, I’ve been focused on getting started. My sole objective has been:

  1. Start making new content regularly. This has meant a creating a new daily podcast/vlog and short edits for social media, 5-7 days per week (sometimes batching and skipping a day creating).
  2. Put out content daily and practice interacting on the various platforms.

The dust is settling. I’ve found a decent rhythm and am making it work. Now I’m thinking hard about the next step, which is: how do I make better content?

I’m glad to be moving. I think it’s half the battle. But it’s not good enough. I’ve got to be doing great work too. My content sucks and the next step is getting better.

5 Reasons Why My Content Sucks

  1. It lacks depth. I’m wandering on subjects that I haven’t put enough thought into. It’s not that I don’t have a good intuition about them, but I’m not clear on the problem, how it might apply to you, and what insights would be of value to you. Good content has depth, when you can trust the person really knows their shit. I’m a poser at this point. Talking about things I haven’t thought deep enough about.
  2. It’s content for the sake of content. It’s “meta.” Even now, I’m creating content about my challenges making content. I talk about “craft,” and “entrepreneurship,” and “doing the work.” But I don’t have a craft, a company, or any real work to do (beyond content about content). Good content is about something real, and I don’t have that yet.
  3. It’s all about me. Mostly whining about how I’m not there yet, or don’t have it yet. But good content is about you. It’s about your problems, dreams, desires. Sure, it’s through my lens, but it’s relevant… Otherwise, why should you care?
  4. It’s poorly delivered. I pause too long, stumble over my sentences, shyly look away from the camera all the time, mumble, slur and ramble too quickly, fill space with useless words and phrases. Good content is confident and paces, it tells a story, hooks you, and keeps you on the edge.
  5. It’s useless. Good content educates or entertains. I make no effort to entertain and will emphasise #2 and #3 above by saying, teach you what?

What’s next?

I like being hard on myself. It’s better to be real and acknowledge there’s room to improve. Then you can get to work stepping up, rather than pretending your better than you are and wasting time and energy maintaining that facade.

What’s next? Work on those five for the next 50 episodes. It’s pretty simple, but going to be very hard.

This is going on my wall:

Don’t suck

  1. Go deep
  2. Find something real
  3. It’s about them
  4. Be confident
  5. Educate or entertain

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